Want a rush of excitement every time you open your inbox?

...With emails that'll train you to reel in perfect-fit clients?

Get your eyeballs on the entertaining emails that will transform you into a Venus flytrap of a coach... who organically :

  • shows your audience they neeeed whatever you're offering
  • makes clients want to bottle up your essence to sniff from time to time.

Imagine only the best kind of clients coming to you... pre-sold on YOU

You wanna share your exact methodology for people to level up and embody their best, most fully-expressed self

...and help as many people as deeply as possible.

But right now you don’t have enough high-ticket coaching clients and you feel pressure to reach out in more ways than you’re comfortable with.

Sure, you're attracting people who are willing to take out their wallet, but they don't always inspire you with their results.

...or worse— they're just not fun to work with!

Wanna stop draining your magnetic energy with clients that don't totally light you up?

...Or equally insidious— well-meaning and supportive acquaintances who just aren’t ready...to invest the time, money, and energy

...to get the results you know they can get with you?

Just imagine...

No more waves of self-consciousness when you get in front of your keyboard to post  on social media about what you do...

Welp, I can show you how to write the copy that'll make it so you don't have to deal with any of that baloney! Bologna? Baloney.

Are you ready to have a business where:

  • Coaching clients come to you, rather than the other way around, because your messaging automatically brings you only the right people who are excited to take the next step?
  • You only ever have to coach, not sell...?
  • Your daily experience is steeped in powerful client transformations... because you’ve stopped slogging through the marketing side of the job just to have a not-ready-to-get-unstuck clientele?

If that all sounds gravy, you're gonna wanna stick with me to find the words that do exactly those things—

...By using the life-changing copywriting that will get your clients from:

Where they're at to

Investing in you to

Where they wanna be

Go from having copy & content that converts *just fine* 

...to waitlisting anyone not fully ready to soak in your genius.

The name you came up with for my course allowed me to run with my idea and the rest is history.

I have to effusively express my gratitude for our little copy session again... And the name you came up with for my course just allowed me to run with my idea, and the rest is history. It was like it was divinely channeled through you. ;)

Catherine Liggett

Shadow Work Counselor

Now my copy gets me more engagement and responses.

You tapped into the feelings of my ideal client better than me! I was struggling to word my own thoughts but I feel like you plucked the right words out of my head & onto the page. Now my copy serves as an icebreaker and gets me more engagement and responses from prospective clients. 

Ellen Lai Costa

Holistic Wellness and Tantra Coach



Copy Coffee Date


I'll take a look at one piece of copy in any form and we'll tweak and strategize for an hour.

Copy Makeover in a Day


I'll work with you on your untested or less-than-ideally converting copy for a full day for any of the following: 

  • Website
  • Email(s)

Includes complimentary 1-hour strategy and prep session.

Kick Up Your Feet & Convert Package


I do all the client research for you and present a beautifully written, high-converting website & email sequences.

We'll talk for an hour to capture your vision & get acquainted with your team before I crystalize your clients' dreams in your copy.