Hiii. I'm Samantha Miles.

Wanna make your audience laugh... and be the most popular speaker at any conference 

...that your industry's bizfluencers can't wait to talk to?

Let me help you spit out the words that'll make event hosts desperate to bring you back again and again.

Together, we'll get bizfluencers and prospects to say:

"I need to work with you. Here, take my money!"

Coaching and consulting business owners don't always know how to engage an audience in a way that makes people automatically approach you (instead of the other way around)...for sales and more speaking gigs.

I can fix that for you.

I am a whiz at writing welcome sequences and web copy... and jokes that warm up your audience without detracting from your message.

I know how to feature your stories in a way that magically ties in what you do and why you're great at it.

...So your ideal clients will practically chase you down, credit card in hand.

Here's what makes me different from other copywriters:

For one, I have a comedy background. I've opened for Margaret Cho, Jimmy Carr, Marc Maron, Kirk Fox, and a bunch of other nutty people I can't even remember.

We don't *have* to make your copy funny... but if you want it to be, I've got ya covered!

The other thing that makes me different from your standard bro marketer is that I'm into the long game.

But what does that mean?

While I can do all the fancy word gymnastics to get people to want to buy from you immediately, I’ll help you retain an engaged audience who will invest in your services again and again over time, because I believe in the work you do to get your clients the results they’re hopeful for.

And sometimes, your picture-perfect ~angel~ clients aren’t always ready to make the investment to work with you right away...

So you need to keep them engaged for the long haul

But how?

That’s where I come in.

To showcase your most captivating stories in email sequences, sales pages & your website that keep ideal prospects hooked and wanting more, more, MORE from you.

I can help you with the content you share every week to help them get absorbed in your world, feel connected to you and get to know you...

So it's a no-brainer to wanna take you up on all your offers.

I'd love to help you get allllll the clients and have fun doing it... WEEEEEEE!!


Do you actually make the copywriting process fun?

Yup! I’ll get you to talk about you and your business like you would with a close friend.

Even my questionnaires are fun to fill out!

Irina Leoni

Photographer, Founder - Power Portraits

"You took me out of 5 months of procrastination, saved me a good 4-5 days of work and jumpstarted my momentum on other super important tasks!"

We met yesterday, we talked for an hour... and you came back with this... and we're done... I don't have to do ANY work! Do you understand how awesome this is? This was so easy for me. 

Your questionnaire alone was top-notch— you got me going there and you got all the right stories out of me.

I met you ONCE and you gave me my sequence! I didn't even know this was possible.

P.S. I used your exact genius wording for my opt-in page headline... I'd sign up to get [the lead magnet] myself now, if I weren't the one who made it! 

You didn’t come out of the womb a copywriter... right?

Well, no, but I've been singled out (to the point of embarrassment) about my writing skills for as long as I can remember.

In middle school, I tested out of the essay-writing portion of Language Arts.

I was also wrongly accused of plagiarism by my history teacher because she didn't believe and 8th-grader could write so well.

My high school English teacher paused a movie to read one of my essays, start-to-finish, out loud to the entire class to show what persuasive writing should look like.

In college, I got an A+ on an essay about French existentialist literature, which was accompanied by the briefly written comment, “See me for more compliments.”

But do great academic essays make for good copy?

Actually, yes! Here's why...

Copywriting, much like essays, needs to persuade. (The implicit call-to-action for essays is “Believe my thesis.”) 

So I've been nailing this copywriting skill for over 23 years.

Fast forward a decade or two to my first attempts at doing stand-up comedy...

The first time I bothered to write out my set (instead of trying to improv), when I got onstage, I killed.

I started getting booked almost immediately at some of the biggest comedy clubs in Hollywood...

And carved out a niche as a comics' comic— meaning: 

I consistently got other comedians, AKA the hardest nuts to crack, well, to crack... up.

And this is relevant to copywriting... how?

Copywriting and comedy writing BOTH rely on call-to-action for conversion—

The call-to-action for comedy is always the subliminal transmission of "laugh here."

For both, delivery matters. Content matters. Storytelling matters. Getting the audience to let their guard down. Keepin' 'em hooked and delivering surprise and delight.

And I can get your copy to do all of that.

Now my copy gets me more engagement and responses.

You tapped into the feelings of my ideal client better than me! I was struggling to word the thoughts in my head but I feel like you plucked the right words out of me onto the page. Now my copy serves as an icebreaker and gets me more engagement and responses from prospective clients. 

Ellen Lai Costa

Holistic Wellness and Tantra Coach


The name you came up with for my course allowed me to run with my idea and the rest is history.

I have to effusively express my gratitude for our little copy session again... And the name you came up with for my course just allowed me to run with my idea, and the rest is history. It was like it was divinely channeled through you. 😉

Catherine Liggett

Shadow Work Counselor


My business is totally unique, as is my voice. How would you help me?

Oh, honey, I've seen it all.

From branding coaches to time management coaches to tantric yoga coaches and even fellow copywriters, I've helped out a wide range of personality types in their personal brands.

My approach is to study and use your existing content (or stories if you have no content yet) and the voice of your customer and marry the two, so you'll hit on exactly what your clients need to hear from you to buy... while sounding like yourself.

We review the resulting copy together so I can quickly live-tweak anything that doesn't feel 100% you, while being mindful of your busy schedule.

Catherine liggett

Shadow Work Teacher & Practitioner

"I was SO taken aback by your ability to write in my voice!"

I was struggling with finding my voice and sounding natural instead of academic.

I had such an aversion to sounding sales-y but had to find a way to sound genuine while talking about my offers and increasing engagement. I was so taken aback by your skill in listening and writing in my voice and making the copy really sound natural to me— it didn't sound like somebody else wrote it at all! You were able to go through my ICA interviews and so skillfully understand what really drives them and what they want and use simple, accessible language that really powerfully connects people to my message.

"Sami is really down to earth and listens and really cares about the people she's working with. She is so gifted at simplifying messages, getting to the heart and expressing it. She was able to listen, use, and edit my voice in way that really connects with my audience.
I'd recommend working with her ANY time you get the chance."

P.S. That course title you came up with for me is now being used as the title of my book!

So you're a crack shot client-gettin' writer. But who are you, like deep down?

Still don't know if we're a match to work together?  Wow! You're discerning... I like it!

None of these are that deep, (buy me dinner first!) but here are random bullet points about me:

  • FOODIE who loves to cook and former nutritionist
  • Mother to a newborn and a toddler
  • Cat lover & mother to:
    • Smokey, a big-boned, food-obsessed gray boi
    • Slinky, a pain-in-the-groin orange boi (alternately aggressively needy and combative)
    • Spooky, my familiar, a petite black kitty and affectionate nose-licker
  • No, I am not into cottage-core cat decor. When people find out I am a cat lover, they confuse this with "lover of all things related to cats."  To be clear, I do not wish to be gifted items with pictures of random cats, i.e. hand towels, shower curtains, T-shirts, and trinkets. Thanks but no thank you very much.
  • I inexplicably get the Muppet Babies theme song stuck in my head for a good 1-2 weeks every couple of years.
  • When I did stand-up, one of my shows got canceled last minute so Dave Chappelle could record his Netflix special in the Belly Room of The Comedy Store. *shakes fist*
  • I'll never stop quoting Arrested Development
    • My parents are "Gangy" and "Pop-Pop" to my daughter
  • I'm taller than my partner by 4 inches and I'll wear high heels anyway (when I feel like it) (...also not that high, I like my feets comfy!)
  • Lover of jazz (Bill Evans, swoooon) and vocalist... but not into the more contemporary or "smooth" stuff.
  • Big Brother fanatic and I will never apologize or consider it a "guilty" pleasure just because you think it's trash. One person's trash is another person's treasure.
  • Despite being a nearly middle-aged, latent late-bloomer, I still secretly fantasize that one day everyone will discover that I'm a child prodigy


Genius Copy Meditations


The DIY solution: Upload hundreds of thousands of $$ worth of effective copywriting strategies straight to your brain... jam-packed into eight (8) relaxing 5-11 minute tracks.

Copy Coffee Date


I'll take a look at one piece of copy in any form and we'll tweak and strategize for an hour.

Copy Makeover in a Day


I'll work with you on your untested or less-than-ideally converting copy for a full day for any of the following: 

  • Website
  • Email(s)
  • Sales page

Includes complimentary 1-hour strategy and prep session + final review with you for live-tweaks.

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