How would it feel to milk every high-ticket program you've ever invested in to the very last drop?

...and get 2x to 10x out of it what you thought you would when you signed up?

Just $47

Note: All sales final - deal for first 5 sign-ups only.

Accountability conditions apply - see "fine print".



Meta-manifestimonial workshop

You'll get right to the results that'll

  • tell you whether it’s worth it to invest in a biz growth opp before you overcommit
  • validate the investment for any past course/mastermind you’re able to revisit
  • get you the outcome you're looking for... and multiply your ROI

Considering a high-ticket investment and afraid you'll end up with less dough, wasted time and nothing to show for it?

Or even more dire... you've already signed up?

We've all been there...

You get super excited from a sales page, a sales call or even just the idea of working with a rockstar-level mentor.

You see all the possibilities for your business and your future from other people's testimonials..

...And 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 1 year later... you have less-than-stellar results.

You started doing the work and it giving it your all but maybe something didn't click and ya got stuck.

Maybe you

  • ran out of steam.
  • beat yourself up for not following through.
  • blame the program for not delivering

Whether you decided to ask for a refund or just ate the loss, thinking it's your fault for being so naïve or having more work to do before it can work for you, I can tell you…

It really isn't your fault.

But what if, instead, you could revisit that high-level enthusiasm you felt when you were motivated to pull out your wallet and invest 4 to 6 figures in your future? 

Any time you start to doubt the value of what you're getting and feeling like a schmuck?

Get self-doubt and buyer's remorse to finally STFU

Losing steam, getting stuck in the weeds, and even giving up are all totally normal… and totally avoidable.

Oftentimes, it's just an uphill battle with human nature and one key thing programs don't address...

I can tell you what it is and show you how.

Because let's face it - a handful of customer onboarding emails isn't going to keep you going and

Bring back the excitement you felt when you signed up.

Wanna know what will?


Meta-manifestimonial Method


Note: All sales final - deal for first 5 sign-ups only.

Get the most out of something you knew in your heart was right for you, even if you stopped being so sure after awhile.

You can use this methodology every time you start a new program, course, mastermind, or even when hiring consultants -- 

To get clear on the exact results you need to get, so it’ll pay dividends on the time, money, and mental energy you’ve invested.

Once you have this, you can pick and choose what to focus on and scrap any fluff that might be valuable at some other time but won’t specifically move you towards your goals right now.

In other words, make the thing you signed up for DOABLE and even generate momentum.

Because let's face it... you're here to do great things.

Not blame yourself while scratching your head about what went wrong and/or beat yourself up about it.


Note: All sales final - deal for first 5 sign-ups only.

Here's the workshop that'll get you to finally...

Cross the finish line and make good on your dreams.

Besides taking back the high-ticket value, your business will benefit by:

  • Getting you more traffic AND credibility

    …when your mentors showcase your results & their visitors say, "WHO is THAT?", Google you, follow you, and become a fan.
  • Automating your ability to get noticed by dream clients

    ...by showing you the simple exercise to generate perfectly-written testimonials from existing clients.

Don’t believe me?

I wouldn’t either… if I hadn’t joined a high-priced mentor-led mastermind, started panicking, and then used the exact method I’ll share with you to go from:

  • Having a haphazard side hustle that was doing nothing for me
  • Feeling like a wage-slave to my 6-figure corporate career
  • Neglecting my health and self-care and having little free time


  • Having a business up and running with actual human fans, customers, and so many clients they have to be waitlisted…
  • Quitting the day job (from which I’m on track to not just replace but MULTIPLY the income)
  • Working a fraction of the time, where self-care and exercise are built into my “work”day (which feels more like play)

…And all of this seemed like a pipe dream to me just before I started the program.



$47 for the first 5 sign-ups only

Note: All sales final for once-only deal

The Meta-Manifestimonial Workshop is right for you if you wanna:

  • program your psyche to get what you want and need out of the investments you make
  • light a fire under your buns to stay motivated
  • get clarity on your tangible goals and expectations
  • juice every last bit of actionable wisdom out of courses you've taken in the past that are lying around unused

...whether you‘re

  • deciding whether the investment in a course or service is worth it.
  • in a live program already in progress with support of a mentor or their staff.
  • able to access any course/program materials you already bought or you can get access.

I got you!

This is not for you if you:

  • Don’t wanna put any work at all into getting the results you want
  • Need to do everything exactly in the order it’s laid out in, even if it means you get stuck… for years
  • Aren’t willing to move past or reject the part that got you stuck last time
  • Really feel like you got shafted and there’s no untapped value in the programs you’ve taken in the past 
  • Are a masochist and like to feel like schmuck/course-junkie and get off on getting down on yourself

Note: All sales final - deal for first 5 sign-ups only.


When exactly is the workshop going to be held?

Excellent question!

Since there are only 5 people getting in on this hands-on deal, I'll reach out to coordinate.

We will do 2 workshops, if necessary, to accommodate all timezones.

Depending on coordination efforts, this will be scheduled to occur during the week of January 31, 2022. If there are significant conflicts, we can also open up the week of February 7, 2022.

What if I like the idea but I don't have any course or program in mind?

If this is just a skill set you wanna apply moving forward, I've bot various examples for you to use & benefit from the exercise.

Or you can still use a previous program, even if you don't want to or aren't able to revisit it, as long as you have access to the sales page or can find one that is similarly motivating.

But Sami, why's this only $47?

...If this is basically a time machine that'll get me more than the high-priced course value I thought I’d flushed down the drain?

Fair question! Here’s the fine print:

  1. This is the first iteration of this masterclass/training program. So naturally, I’ll need your input to perfect the content and sales page for future iterations.
  2. I’ll be bumping up the price anywhere from 400% to 600% the next time I do this - if I decide to do it again at all and not just use it as a bonus for a high-ticket offer, myself.

The price is right for me to butter you up so you’ll

  1. 1
    be willing to fill out a questionnaire that gives me insight as to how you plan to apply this training (and a timeline for me to know when I can ask you how it went & validate your results)
  2. 2
    allow me to record & use any of the work we do together that you share during the live portion of the masterclass as examples in future iterations, since it’s the first one ever. (Don't worry, I'll never use them in any sort of disingenuous context.) 
  3. 3
    make every effort to let me know your glowing results after revisiting your program. (This means I’ll expect a response when I send an email to check in on you)

Note: All sales final for this special one-time only deal limited to first 5 takers

To sweeten the pot… 

I’ll let you join in on any live portions of this offering I do in the future...

Even if it’s being used as a bonus for a 4+ figure program.

(Oh, hello, potential new biz owner connections!)

Plus… RE: the built-in accountability of knowing I’m going to be checking in on you and you’re obligated to reply, if you don’t wanna seem like a no-good welcher?

Social pressure alone can be enough to light a fire under your tush to get you the outcomes you’ve only dreamed about.

…And this kind of hand-holding is typically only offered at MUCH higher-price points (think at least 10x) versus what I’m charging this one time.



Note: All sales final for this special one-time only deal limited to first 5 takers