Wanna whip up a welcome email series that banks you bucks?

Let’s do it in a day! I’ll hold your hand…

$2997 $1497 for the next 48 hours only

Note: 24 hours notice required for cancelation refund. 

If you’re a coach or consultant with a personal brand

...and you need your leads to stick around and buy something from you, I can help you to

keep ‘em opening your emails and saying, “for moiii? YES, PLEASE!” at your offers

...by writing a warm welcome email series with copy that sounds like you’re talking right to them.

Did you know that:

  • welcome emails on average can generate 3x more revenue per email than other promotional offers?
  • new leads are the most engaged within the first 48 hours of subscribing?

This is why you absolutely need to make a good & lasting impression with your subscriber immediately.

...And if you can get them to trust you enough to invest in a small offer right away, it's a double-win:  

You get $$ and they won't forget you. But how?

Make each person reading your emails feel like they’ve entered a world where you’ve plucked them out of a harsh, pre-knowing-you winter and enshrouded them in a plush blanket… and the hot YOU soup you’re selling is the perfect treat.

Let me help you write the


$2997 $1497 for the next 48 hours only

Irina Leoni

Photographer, Founder - Power Portraits

"You took me out of 5 months of procrastination, saved me a good 4-5 days of work and jumpstarted my momentum on other super important tasks!"

We met yesterday, we talked for an hour... and you came back with this... and we're done... I don't have to do ANY work! Do you understand how awesome this is? This was so easy for me. 

If I did this myself, it would have been stressful for me and I would have been working on ONLY this. Meanwhile, while you were working on this, I was inspired: I redid my forms, I redid my bundle— other stuff that needed to get done that I'd also been putting off for MONTHS, too.

Your questionnaire alone was top-notch— you got me going there and you got all the right stories out of me.

I met you ONCE and you gave me my sequence! I didn't even know this was possible.

You took me out of 5 months of procrastination, saved me a good 4-5 days of work and jumpstarted my momentum on other super important tasks...

This was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

$2997 $1497 for the next 48 hours only

Need to get that effective welcome email series up ...like YESTERDAY?

Let's get it started. And finished.

You won't just get this daunting task done and off your to-do list...

This is also the perfect opportunity to work with a professional copywriter at a discounted price 

...and gain hands-on experience in how to write emails that convert 

...as you're being hand-held through your own emails that tie your stories in with money-making calls-to-action.

To be clear:

I'll be doing the actual nose-to-the-grindstone writing portion, then walking you through reviewing the end result— seamless transitions & all.

What'll happen during the day dedicated to my welcome series?

During our initial session, we will do a deep dive so I can tap into what makes you uniquely genius at what you do and pin down the magical solution you provide that will light up your ideal customers.

We'll look at your website, social media, sales pages and existing email sequences to see exactly which gold threads (AKA genius tips and offerings) we will use.

Basically, see what you already have that we can weave into your Warm Welcome Email Series… 

...to get you the most money in the bank after that crucial first 48 hours where your leads are most engaged.

From there, we will discover how to delight your people with your personality and entertaining personal anecdotes, studded with credibility and micro-conversion opportunities to get your ideal client in the rhythm of connecting with and saying YES to you and the transformation waiting for them on the other side of your working together. 

...All this with zero sleaze and just a warm cozy feeling in the hearts of each member of your audience

Translation: I'll be spending an hour or two teasing these delectable details out of you, to make sure I've got everything I need to get your ideal clients to know you, like you, trust you, and invest in your work.

Then, I'll spend 4-6 hours working on drafting your emails.

We'll schedule an hour call (same day or next business day, according to your needs/schedule/time zone) to review and wrap up.

Is there prep work required of me?

Very little! Once you book, I'll just send out a questionnaire to your email to collect general info about your business and get you thinking about a few relevant stories that we can use to flavor your emails.

And no worries if you flake on this task - it will just make our discovery call longer (but only up to 2 hours) before I start cranking out those emails for ya.

After we've already collected what we can use and I spend several hours drafting up your emails, I'll send 'em over to you and we will walk through them all to see if you're happy or if we need another hour or so together for any feedback and tweaks we can make.

What if I don't like the output?

Welp, this is why we will schedule time at the end of our day (or the next one) for us to go over everything together and you can review and critique while I refine our work in real time to ensure your voice is perfectly encapsulated and everything flows to your liking.

Plus - I'll send over each e-mail drafted as I finish, so you can let me know right away if anything is off the mark as I go along.

Bottom line: We will get you an effective and warm welcome series by the time we're done!

Why are you giving me half off? What's the catch?

No catch!

If you're reading this, you've just come off reading one of my own Welcome Sequence emails... meta, huh?

But anyway, this is my way of getting my ideal clients' butts in gear and preventing you from putting off the one thing that will kickstart profits, relationships, and impact in your business.

But if you do decide to procrastinate, I'll happily take double the price to work with you later. ;)

If you don't write your welcome series now…

When are you gonna?

$2997 $1497 for the next 48 hours only

Note: 24 hours notice required for cancelation refund.