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Meditation Primer Track:
Use this track (optional) for getting in the headspace prior to jumping into the specialized tracks, which are affirmations only.

General Copywriting Meditation Track

The Laugh Track:

Make 'em laugh. Disarm your prospects with strategically-placed hyuks. No "yes and..." exercises required.

There's humor in everyday life. Even when that know-it-all, overly conservative uncle is around.

Understand exactly how to bring out the funny, highlight it, and use it to segue from the heavier stuff, so that just being in your orbit will lighten up your people

...And leave them wanting more from you. A la Oliver Twist vis-a-vis Mr. Bumble's flavorless gruel. (Only your stuff'll be FULL of flavor.)

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This is the backbone for all of your copy... it simply must be aligned or your prospects will be confused.

Psst... if your copy isn't converting as well as you think it should, it might just be your messaging that needs tweaking.

Take the guesswork out of what you do, how you do it, and who it's for, so your prospects become your clients... instead of confused.

Know exactly how to showcase what you do best and why you're the obvious choice for your ideal client.

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Attract all the right people... and repel all the haters.

Identify exactly what to include in a warm and witty welcome sequence that keeps your subscribers cozy, coming back for more, and primed to invest money in your offerings.

Establish that elusive "know, like, and trust factor" from the get-go. (Or as I like to say, turn yourself into a KLT factory.)

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Make your homepage a homerun (ooooh sportsball!) by showing your ideal client the exact they need to read and see in order to feel... at home.

After listening to this meditation and constructing (or re-constructing) your home...page... your visitors will know immediately whether to take off their coat or run for the hills. (It's okay, the runner didn't bring anything but the stench of overpowering cologne to share with your dynamic dinner guests, anyway.)

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Craft your about page while skipping the requisite existential crisis.

Is my about page *really* supposed to be about me?

You'll get the definitive answer, along with what to include so your ideal customers will immediately raise their hands (and take out their wallets) to work with you.

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Snowball the size of your audience of perfectly suited potential customers over time. Grow your business organically and continue to increase your impact and bring in more and more money.

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