Discover how to revisit any high-ticket program to

Reactivate Your Dreams

and get the results you wanted.

You're cool with getting emails from me too, right?

Train Your Brain to


...in 7 minutes

You're cool with getting emails from me too, right?

"After doing this ONCE, I finally implemented the biz-building nuts and bolts I'd been sitting on for over a decade to grow my business... and quit my 6-figure corporate career."

Samantha Miles — Copywriter & founder at Catchiest Copy

"I'm not typically a meditator, but I now feel like a quick meditation is a must-do before starting any project for myself or for clients."

Brenna McGowan, Launch Copywriter & Strategist

 Remember when you got so excited 

...from a sales page or sales call, or even just the idea of working with a rockstar-level mentor?

...that you paid hundreds or thousands $ to do their program?

And then maybe you lost some steam. But it's ok!

Let's bring that back and...

  • program your psyche to get what you want and need out of the investment you made
  • light a fire under your buns to stay motivated
  • get clarity on your tangible goals and expectations
  • juice every last bit of actionable wisdom out of courses you've taken in the past that are lying around unused

 This guided meditation breaks down actionable and effective copywriting secrets

into digestible affirmations to seep into your subconscious so you:

  • Instinctively attract the most ideal customers
  • Fire up your inner copywriting genius
  • Organically create content and copy that convert to sales
  • Will be showered in cash money by your raving fans*

*ok, more like open up your email inbox to reveal dozens of high-ticket transactions that came in while you were asleep

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