Mercury In Retrograde Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Us

Mercury In Retrograde Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Us

Want advance notice when shit’s about to start hitting the fan in your life?

Want to be mentally prepared before people start posting unfortunate things all over social media and taking no responsibility for it, like “I thought I was just having an off morning when I ran hit my neighbor’s dog (he’s ok), spilled my thousand-dollar-coffee and accidentally told off my boss all before 10am… and then I found out Mercury was in retrograde! Universe, you’ve done it again!”?
Well, you’ve located the right blog post… read on.

Want fair warning before you start fights with your significant other after bottling up feelings for weeks regarding everything they’ve ever done wrong? Sorry, can’t help you there, you’ll need to start tracking your menstrual cycles.*

*This is post was written by a woman who often gets rage-filled PMS.
I remember when I used to think this was just something woo woo astrology people would get in their heads about.
And then the pattern kept rearing its ugly head. 
I’d be in a particularly rough patch, often slipping into depression and hopelessness while things would go wrong, like people at work getting sick for weeks or otherwise dropping the ball on me at work, etc.
Each time these prolonged unfortunate streaks would continue for a suspiciously long time, that’s when I would start seeing other people post “Merc‘s been in retro for like 2 weeks, betches,” etc. WITHOUT FAIL. Like the past 20 times.
Coincidental? Maybe.
Retroactively psychosomatic? Ask my psychologist and an astrologist to duke it out and see who wins.
But this last time was the proverbial straw… it was just too many times to where I finally accepted I need to get this phenomenon on my calendar, so I don’t get caught off-guard, the way I always have when my auntie Florence fails to announce she’s about to visit and I’m gassy and pre-ticked off about her imminent presence.
So of course, my lazy ass went to look for an existing ~M in R ~calendar/events list to download and import into my own calendar. 
I tried all the Googleable combinations I could think of but never found what I was looking for in the first page of results.
Pissed off that I actually had to ~manually~ enter in all the times Mercury will be in retrograde until 2030, I decided NO ONE should have to suffer this same fate, that has CLEARLY befallen me specifically because Mercury is currently in retrograde. (For only one more day at the time of writing this, thank Zeus!)
So after much ado, here‘s the part where you can profit from the mere minutes of work it took me to painstakingly add the next ~decade of literally dreadful and potentially ruinous time periods to come.
The above link will automatically download the calendar items that you can import to your digital calendar of choice. If you need instructions, here they are for Google calendar, iCal, & Outlook.  

Want a rush of excitement every time you open your e-mail?

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