The catchiest copy
master mesmerizer meditation bundle

Time's up on the massive deal...

...But even the regular prices are a bona fide bargain when you consider the:

  • hundreds, ok, more like thousands of hours of trial and error it would take to gain the expertise and learn these simple tricks on your own
  • repeated tedium of poring over every copy course you've ever taken to find out "am I doing this right?"
  • thousands of dollars you'd need to shell out every time you need to hire a copywriter to hold your hand or do it for you

$209 $147

Note: All sales final, as product is digital downloads on a cumulative 30% discount from individual sale prices.

Each track is being sold separately for $27 or more a pop, totaling over $ two hundo!

Nail your copywriting on instinct so it builds trust and sells for you

...without spending hours reviewing video modules & workbooks and poring over before and after examples to find ones that apply to whatever you’re working on next.

How? By grabbing this:

The catchiest copy
master mesmerizer meditation bundle

$209 $147

Note: All sales final, as product is digital downloads on a 30% discount.

Wait, what's this? A copywriting meditation bundle?

Yes, this is a copywriter's meditation bundle that will actually make you better at writing the exact kind of copy you're working on at the moment.

From your welcome series to customer onboarding emails.

Copywriting distilled down to its essence & bottled up for you to sip the right flavor when you need it!

Sure, copywriting is a skill/art that can take years or even a lifetime to master... but if you've already invested in learning some of the principles and techniques and want to really drive home the most relevant, impactful secrets for instantaneous implementation, regardless of what you're working on, this bundle is for you!

Julie Schoen

Founder, Clean Cut Copy

"I felt more confident and up-leveled the flow of my writing!"

Meditating has been part of my practice as a writer for years BUT THIS meditation brought a whole new experience.

Not only did I feel more confident before writing my homepage, but the actual FLOW of writing was up-leveled too. Will definitely be using these meditations again - 


Brenna mcgowan 

Launch Copywriter & Strategist

"Reminded me of what's truly important as I'm writing... the perfect reset before I start any of my writing projects!"

As a copywriter and launch strategist I do a TON of thinking and writing. The problem is that sometimes my mind gets the best of me and I have trouble getting clarity and focusing. Listening to Sami's meditation tracks is a game-changer. I put one on right before revising my own welcome series, and not only did I feel more relaxed and ready to tackle the job (writing for yourself is the hardest!), I also got a mini-copywriting lesson to remind me of what's truly important as I'm writing nurture/sales copy. The other thing I love is that the meditation was only 5 minutes. I feel like it is the perfect reset before I start any of my writing projects. I'm not typically a meditator (even though I should be), but I now feel like a quick meditation is a must-do before starting any project for myself or for clients. 

As relaxing as mindfully breathing in shavasana

(AKA lying on your back after a sweat-inducing yoga class)...

Except this will make you money.

What if you could upgrade your copywriting...

...So it syphons perfect-fit clients right to you and pays all the bills?

...In under 10 minutes of straight chillin'*?

*ok, fine, the sales page meditation is a BEAST and takes 11 minutes... but the others are under 10!

You'll absorb copywriting wisdom specific to what you're working on, just by rockin' those headphones!

Whether it's your:

  • messaging
  • welcome emails
  • website
  • customer onboarding emails

...or simply growing your list—

these guided meditation tracks will give you the immediate insights to intuitively know how to identify what words to use on your next piece of copy.

Sounds intriguing...

But how can a handful of short audio tracks really do that?

This series of guided meditations combines essential, ethical copywriting secrets that have been organized into flowing affirmations that will help your mind make sense of and prioritize the overwhelming and confusing work that copywriting can feel like.

Any time you get stuck while writing or editing, all you have to do is:

  1. take a break
  2. slap on some headphones and
  3. cue up the audio track related to the current copy-related beast you're trying to slay

...and actionable ideas will spring to the forefront of your mind, ready for you to implement right away.

Here’s the meditation bundle…

...that will tune your mind to the frequency of a masterful copywriting wizard who can conjure up the exact right thing to say on the fly… just by silently soaking up a relaxing track or two through your headphones!

$209 $147

Note: All sales final, as product is digital downloads on a 30% discount.

Power up your copywriting skills... through osmosis!


Master Mesmerizer Meditation Bundle

In these easy-to-listen-to tracks...

You’ll hear penetrating affirmations that will trigger your brain to understand:

  • how to know exactly what to include in your copy drafts 
  • which quick and powerful edits to make in your existing copy

What to say and what to leave out in your messaging, on your homepage, about page, sales pages, welcome emails, new customer emails; even in person or via physical snail mail.

Upload all these insights to your brain in less than 10 minutes per track.

After you listen to each track, you'll be locked and loaded with the mental ammo to create a/an:

Crystal Clear Message

This is the backbone for all of your copy... it simply must be aligned. 

Psst... if your copy isn't converting as well as you think it should, it might just be your messaging that needs tweaking. 

Take the guesswork out of what you do, how you do it, and who it's for, so your prospects become your clients... instead of confused. 

Know exactly how to showcase what you do best and why you're the obvious choice for your ideal client.

Hard-Hitting Homepage

Make your homepage a homerun (ooooh sportsball!) by showing your ideal client the exact they need to read and see in order to feel... at home

After listening to this meditation and constructing (or re-constructing) your home...page... your guests will know immediately whether to take off their coat or run for the hills.

It's okay— the runner didn't bring anything but the stench of overpowering cologne to share with your dynamic dinner guests, anyway.

Evergrowing List

Snowball the size of your audience of perfectly suited potential customers over time.

Grow your business organically and continue to increase your impact and bring in more and more money.

Warm Welcome Email Sequence

Establish that elusive "know, like, and trust factor" from the get-go.

Identify exactly what to include in a warm and witty welcome sequence that keeps your subscribers cozy, coming back for more, and primed to invest money in your offerings. 

Attract all the right people... and repel all the haters.

Alluring About Page

Craft your about page while skipping the requisite existential crisis. 

Is my about page *really* supposed to be about me?

You'll get the definitive answer, along with what to include so your ideal customers will immediately raise their hands (and take out their wallets) to work with you.

Refund-Repelling Customer Onboarding Email Sequence

The closest thing you'll get to bugspray for buyer's remorse. 

Want to preemptively kick refunds to the curb?

Understand exactly what to say and when to say it after a customer invests in your offer to keep 'em motivated and stamp out any negativity seeping into their minds, so the word "refund" shan't even cross it.

...and of course, the all-important:

Seductive Sales Page

This normally one sells by itself for $47 and alone is worth at least 100x that, in terms of the 

  • effective copywriting insights it packs in
  • hours you'll save by never having to stay stuck banging your head against a wall while working on your sales pages
  • headaches, stress, procrastination, and self-flagellation you'll avoid by banishing writer's block
  • thousands of dollars you'll save not having to hire a copywriter or coach to get the page written and out there
  • ideal clients you'll bring in after absorbing its wisdom

After listening to this one, you'll be primed to motivate the reader

...so they won't be able to wait another second to hit that "buy" or "book now" button!


The Laugh Track

Make 'em laugh. Disarm your prospects with strategically-placed hyuks. No "yes and..." exercises required.

As a comic's comic (AKA one who gets the hard-to-break comics to laugh), I spent years performing at the most popular venues in Hollywood, so I know how to get the guffaws. (Even if using the word "guffaw" itself will get you eye-rolls.)

There's humor in everyday life. Even when that know-it-all, overly conservative uncle is around. Especially then.

Understand exactly how to bring out the funny, highlight it, and use it to segue from the heavier stuff, so that just being in your orbit will lighten up your people 

...And leave them wanting more from you. A la Oliver Twist vis-a-vis Mr. Bumble's flavorless gruel. (Only your stuff'll be FULL of flavor.

$209 $147

Note: All sales final, as product is digital downloads at a 30% discount from individual sales prices.

But why are you offering this at such a steep discount, huh?

I know that you'll get the most benefit from having ALL of the tracks.

If you need one of 'em, you probably need 'em all. So I want to help you help yourself...

...and gain your undying loyalty after you experience for yourself just how many more perfect-fit clients and how much more money you'll bring in after listening to these power-packed tracks.

We all know that quick action takers are more likely to be successful and *my* ideal client is one who can get results, so yeah, I want to motivate my true peeps to get the biz-changing results I know you can and build confidence for to achieve more in the future, so you'll want to stick around and refer other lovelies.

You're a copywriter... so what makes you qualified to guide a meditation?

Let's be real here...

These are just affirmations to get you out of your head and let your brain off the hook while another voice does the "thinking" so that you unlock the insights that can only come through when you're totally relaxed.

I've practiced vipassana (mindfulness) meditation for over a decade and have seen for myself just how powerful it is to simply get out of your own way by not chasing the rabbit trails of your own thoughts.

While the technique of letting go of your thoughts is a proven way to reduce stress, renew focus, and allow insights to arise, let me be clear:

  • I'm not a hypnotherapist and this isn't hypnosis.
  • These tracks are strictly for your learning and ~entertainment~ purposes only.

For each track, there’s strategic repetition carried over from other tracks, so you’ll train yourself to automatically write copy that:

  • Smacks of YOU-ness
  • Reaches and resonates with your peeps 
  • Feels like a real human who wants to help another real human in a tangible way
  • Gazes longingly into your dream clients’ eyes and makes them fall madly in love with you and do anything you tell them for love, but they won’t do that*

*not a guarantee, but a hyperbolic claim where the ending has been inspired by a Meatloaf lyric

Ya ready yet?

Note: All sales final, as product is digital downloads on 30% discount from individual sale prices.


You’ve got to be kidding me....

Affirmations that train your brain to automatically edit down to the perfect copy that makes your ideal clients

  • linger on your page
  • sign up to hear from you and 
  • jump at the chance to buy from you (and more importantly, type in that credit card #)...

CHA-CHING! ...for real!

Note: All sales final.

If you’ve ever taken an ethical copywriting course

and want to hammer home the most crucial takeaways without slogging through an entire course again, this is the perfect complement.

And if long courses shut your brain off after awhile

and you need something quick and digestible, these bite-sized meditations are the “I got this and know exactly what to do next” pick-me-up you NEED.

Note: All sales final, as product is digital downloads on 30% discount from individual sale prices.