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Brenna McGowan

Copywriter & Launch Strategist

"A mini-copywriting lesson & a game-changer— I felt relaxed and ready to tackle the job."

As a copywriter and launch strategist I do a TON of thinking and writing. The problem is that sometimes my mind gets the best of me and I have trouble getting clarity and focusing. Listening to Sami's writing meditation is a game-changer. Not only did I have feel more relaxed and ready to tackle the job (writing for yourself is the hardest!), I also got a mini-copywriting lesson to help remind me of what's truly important as I'm writing sales copy.

Just $47

Need to get unstuck and have the next sales page up and sellin'?

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Just listening to this audio track jam-packed with juicy copywriting must-dos will get the insights flowing.

The most annoying part? You may need to pause the track a dozen or more times to capture the ideas it sparks.

This track normally sells for $47 but is worth at least 100x that in terms of the

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  • thousands of dollars you'll save not having to hire a copywriter or coach to get the page written and out there
  • ideal clients you'll bring in after absorbing its wisdom

After listening to this one, you'll be primed to motivate the reader

...so they won't be able to wait another second to hit that "buy" or "book now" button!

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Note: All sales final for this digital download.