How To Craft An Effective Welcome Series

How To Craft An Effective Welcome Series

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Ahhh, the all-important Welcome Email Sequence…

Did you know leads are the MOST engaged within the first 48 hours of opting in?

We all know we need SOMETHING ready to go out to our leads’ emails for when they subscribe, but what?

Some questions you may be stumped with as a coach or personal brand:

Can I just send them my freebie and then ghost on ’em until I have something else to say or promote?

Do I just say hello and welcome and introduce myself and my products/services?

Fear not, I have the exact outline for what you can include (and when to include it) to make the most effective but easy-to-execute 5+ email welcome series.

Of course, you can play around and decide what works best for you, but I’ve laid out the bare bones below to help inspire you to create or revamp a solid welcome series.

Email # 1


  • The initial confirmation/freebie email should be sent immediately after opting in.


  • Hone in on what they opted in for. Include the link to free gift they opted in for. (If no lead generation magnet/freebie available, link to blog post to give them a call to action to click on entertaining or helpful free content.)
  • Set expectations about being on your list (i.e. pointing out you might plug your own work or include affiliate links from time to time). If you have a certain cadence for different types of content, i.e. Q&A Thursdays or Monthly Meditations, this is where you can build up a little anticipation of what’s to come. (Let’s be realistic and please do NOT overcommit 😉

Email # 2


  • The welcome email should be sent same day or 24 hours later.


  • Show you understand where they’re at with your own crisis story that relates to the point in their own path where they could use your help.
  • State how you help with similar crises, just as an intro/FYI with no call to action at this point.
  • Optional: Include a soft invitation to reply and let you know how they found you and what it is they’re looking to solve in their lives or businesses and what this would mean to them in terms of a specific outcome.

Email # 3


  • The get-to-know-you email should be sent after another 24 hours


  • This email starts by telling a fun story about an awkward or otherwise memorable time you met someone or made an introduction.
  • Then, tie this into an intro to yourself that includes bullet points of fun facts about you that weaves in credibility (i.e. your superpowers and how they’ve translated to client results).
  • End with an invitation to write back with some fun facts about themselves. (This helps for whitelisting with email service providers.)

Email # 4


  • The re-engagement email should be sent around 48-72 hours after opting in


  • Start this email with a story that you can tie back to your question related to the freebie.  What do I mean by that? Keep readin’…
  • Using good copywriting, reiterate the value of the freebie or free content you linked to in your first email.
  • Formulate a question you can ask those who have taken you up on the freebie/read the free content, to see how they’re implementing it and engage your readers.
  •  Invite them, if they haven’t already done so, to take advantage of the freebie/content and let them know how to access it/link it up again.

Email # 5 (and beyond)


  • Additional mini-C2A emails can be sent anywhere from 24 hours to 1 week after previous email, based on your preferences.


  • These can each include an anecdote or examination of a current event or topic that can segue into either an insight/takeaway and/or minor calls to action, like
    • connecting with you on social media
    • downloading other freebies/free content you have to offer
    • grabbing a bite-sized paid offer of yours

Of course, this is just me telling you all the things to include, and as a copywriter, I know the almighty principle of “SHOW, don’t tell.” So if you’re interested in seeing how this all can play out in a real, live welcome email series, I invite you to join my list and get my whole welcome series dripped to your inbox.

Already have a welcome sequence and plan to go back and implement any of the things I mentioned above? Leave a comment and let me know!

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